COOKIES by Emily Jenkins, directed by Anna Ledwich at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, West End.  Photography by Pamela Raith.

COOKIES by Emily Jenkins, directed by Anna Ledwich at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, West End.  Photography by Pamela Raith.

"Jenkins’ lively writing manages to convey both light and dark: in this rather bleak world, there are moments of beauty and unexpected tenderness”                              THE SCOTSMAN (Rainbow, Zoo Southside)

Emily is a Fringe First Award winning writer.  Her first play Rainbow won a Fringe First Award in August 2012, and was named by The Independent as one of the Top 5 plays to see at the Edinburgh Fringe.  

COOKIES was produced at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, in London's Westend in October 2017.  The film of the production is available to watch online.

She has been on attachment at The Traverse Theatre, has attended the Royal Court Young Writers and Studio Programmes, and the prestigious advanced script writing programme at RADA led by Stephen Jeffries.   

She is represented by Nick Quinn at The Agency.

 Cristal Cole as Eva in COOKIES.  Photography Pam Raith. 

Cristal Cole as Eva in COOKIES.  Photography Pam Raith. 


COOKIES: The FILM is available to stream.  - a filmed version of the original production at the Theatre Royal Haymarket in October 2017. Directed by Anna Ledwich. 


COOKIES  The Theatre Royal Haymarket, West End. Dir by Anna Ledwich. October 2017

DARK MATTER  Paine's Plough, Come to Where I'm From. August 2017

BOBBY & AMY  Rehearsed reading, Jermyn Street Theatre. October 2016

THE BED  Traverse Theatre, January and August 2013



Thankfully, we have plays like Emily Jenkins' Cookies to remind us that we're not just screaming into the void. Over 80 electrifying minutes, we watch how small mistakes snowball into crises that threaten the lives of seven ordinary London teenagers.

 Cookies -HIIVE

Emily Jenkins’ Cookies sends an important message about the power of social media and its capacity to affect  lives in the internet age.


Cookies being a show that is unlike one I have seen before. It is is a good play. More than this, it sets the very purpose of theatre in its responsibility to engage, alight with the most visceral empathy.


Pay close attention to ‘Rainbow’; it will strike you as moving, smart, and powerful....Rainbow” shines with brilliance and covers a spectrum of dramatic feeling and powerful truth.”


“Rainbow assumes its audience is intelligent and willing to think, and I appreciate that. Don't come to this show expecting mindless entertainment; you won't get it....The writing, by Emily Jenkins (who is also the show's director and producer) is fantastic. Her vibrant descriptions, beautifully delivered with just the right amount of humour and poignancy by the cast, easily transport the audience...I'd see Rainbow again, and I don't say that about many plays.”

 Rainbow - FRINGE GURU

“With three brilliantly told stories interlocking by the tiniest of details, Jenkins examines human behaviour in a time of crisis…Jenkins’s direction was excellent…A pacey performance and tight writing made this such a strong production…Don’t miss it!”