Emily was trained and mentored by The Head of Text at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Giles Block. She has worked with some of the top British actors and directors in both Theatre and Television.

Her approach mixes extensive technical knowledge of Renaissance verse and language, with a practical understanding of the actor's experience of working with Shakespeare in performance. Her work with actors aims to provide accessible methods for the realisation of character and thought. Working with both training and professional actors, she helps to identify the clues within the text to understand a character’s emotional state. 

Providing Shakespeare coaching in  productions, workshops, and privately, please contact her for more details or to arrange a consultation.


Text Practitioner - Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Director - Shakespeare modules LAMDA

Private coaching - please contact Emily for more information 

ITV "summer of soaps" promotion starring the casts of Coronation Street and Emmerdale.

Shakespeare coaching and consultation by Emily Jenkins